Gravel Driveway Solutions

Gravel driveways are popular in both rural and urban areas. In rural areas, the material is commonly used for both driveways and roadways. If you are looking for a cheap, Eco-friendly, and easy to maintain alternative for your driveway, search no more because gravel is definitely one of the best driveway materials.

Gravel – Plenty of shapes and colours to choose from

Gravel technically refers to small stones of approximately 5-30mm in diameter that are usually angular and rounded. They come in a variety of shapes and colours depending on the parent rock type. They can also be multi-colour blend.

Gravel also comes in different types. Different types have different prices. The best priced gravel is usually rounded and better graded in terms of size and colour. The wide range of gravel types have contributed immensely to the rise in popularity of gravel driveways. It’s upon you to decide the best type that will create an aesthetically pleasing appearance on your driveway. Otherwise, you can simply leave the decision to our experts.

Benefits of Installing Gravel Driveways

If you are thinking of installing a gravel driveway, we will take you through the installation process, discuss about the preventative maintenance protocol that you should execute on your driveway and also offer repair services in damaged areas. Our gravel driveways are composed of several layers of different sizes of gravel. We use this method to create compaction, provide strength, and good drainage to your driveway. We use modern machinery and state-of-art skills to give your home’s entrance the strength and beauty it deserves.

Gravel Driveways are Easy to Install and Cost-Effective

It’s no wonder they are becoming a popular choice among our clients. These driveways are extremely easy to install and generally cost less as compared to other choices. However, they require plenty of good maintenance. We perfectly understand this, which is why we recommend regular maintenance and upkeep.

Our team of paving contractors are excellent in providing quality repair and maintenance services. You don’t have to spend a whole day pulling out weeds or applying herbicides. Leave the experts to do the work for you. Our maintenance services mainly include snow and ice removal, getting rid of dirt, and filling in ruts. You will also be glad to know that we charge reasonably for our care and maintenance services.


Apart from being considerably cost-effective and cheap to maintain, gravel driveways are also extremely durable. According to experts, a gravel driveway can last up to 100 years! This is because they neither crack nor show any signs of damage. With proper care and maintenance, you will never have to think about repairing or replacing your driveway.

The Cost of Building a Gravel Driveway

The cost of building a gravel driveway depends on the size of your driveway as well as the thickness and grade of the gravel we use. As stated earlier, each type of gravel has a different price tag. We offer cheap installations and guarantee our customers a great sense of satisfaction.

No matter where you are located in the Connacht, we can install your new gravel driveway in just a short period of time. We will ensure that the end result is a beautiful front driveway that you will enjoy for many years to come.

Our paving experts cover a wide area to include Sligo, Leitrim, Donegal, Mayo, Galway, Roscommon, Longford, Westmeath and Cavan