Driveway Paving

Brick pavers are a good choice when it comes to paving your driveway. Although a brick driveway is one of the most expensive types you can have installed in your home, the value and beauty it will add will definitely prompt you to dig deeper into your pockets. Imagine how lucky you would be when a potential buyer drives up to your house in the future! First impressions are of course very important.

Why Brick Paving?

Brick driveway paving is considered as one of the easiest to maintain and can last for many years if properly installed and well cared for. Here at Connacht Paving Contractors, we offer brick driveway paving services for all your home or commercial driveway projects. We consider bricks to be the perfect pavers as they are not only strong and durable, but will also add value and beauty to your home or business.With our services, you can be sure that your home is visually more attractive than everybody else’s in the neighborhood.

Fast Installation Process

No matter the size of your driveway, we can install brick pavers within the shortest time possible. However, this does not mean that we don’t focus on quality. Our highly trained team of paving contractors will lay a solid foundation to ensure a long-lasting driveway. Once installed, you can use the driveway almost immediately.

Great Curb Appeal

Bricks are generally attractive especially with their shape and color. They come in a variety of colors and texture. Our job is to ensure that you choose those that will suit your taste and style. For decoration purposes, we will provide you with a variety of design ideas and help you choose those that will complement your front compound. Our main aim is to create a driveway paving that everyone will desire to have.

Long-Term Cost Benefits

Driveway paving with bricks can be expensive during installation but in the long-term, you will enjoy its money-saving benefits. The overall maintenance and repair cost of brick pavers is significantly lower than other types of paving materials such as asphalt. Their durability and strength will help you save money. With our regular maintenance and paving services on your driveway, you may end up saving more than you would have ever thought possible.


We understand that safety is a priority when it comes to installing brick pavers in your driveway. It’s not always right to assume that all types of bricks observe the same safety standard measures. Our company only trusts reputable brick suppliers to ensure that your family/guests/staff are safe. The best brick pavers are slip and skid resistant.

The cost of installing brick pavers on your driveway may seem steep. However, if you consider the value they will add to your home, the durability, and the little maintenance they will require, you might have to rethink that position. We will use our best resources to bring style and great appeal to your yard.

Here at Connacht Paving Contractors, we believe in providing fast, reliable, and excellent driveway paving services to our customers. Regardless of the size of your driveway, we will use our expertise to enhance your home’s outlook.

Our paving experts cover a wide area to include Sligo, Leitrim, Donegal, Mayo, Galway, Roscommon, Longford, Westmeath and Cavan